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Mario wall art invades UNCC campus

Kyle Orland

University of North Carolina, Charlotte student newspaper The Niner is reporting on the surprising appearance of chalk-based Mario pixel-art on the brick walls of campus buildings. has pictures of five of the six works of art, which include a Koopa Troopa, Cheep Cheep, Pirahna Plant and Super Mushroom (not pictured, according to The Niner's description, is a character called "Bob-Boom." Are you looking for Bob-omb, perhaps?)

The article gives no hints to the creator of the spontaneous works of art, which use each brick as a pixel to create life-size versions of the familiar characters. What's worse, despite receiving no calls or complaints about the drawings, campus authorities say they plan on washing the chalk off the walls "as soon as possible."

Why bother? All these works are doing is adding a little whimsy and fun to the days of some no doubt terminally bored students. Besides, it's not like the artist did any permanent damage to the buildings -- the chalk will wash itself off during the next rainstorm anyway. Let the magic last until then, at least.

[Thanks, Matthew]

[Update: Joystiq reader Jamie had seen this pixelated wall art before. Actually, he and his wife snapped some pics (like the one above) last week, which he just sent in for us to enjoy. Thanks, Jamie!]

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