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NES collection fetching thousands on eBay


What's the price of nostalgia? Well, it runs to the tune of over ten thousand dollars and largely resembles a pile of 670 NES cartridges. eBay Canada user, sonyabscott, is auctioning off an instant NES collection consisting of the system itself, all the known accessories and every single licensed, North American NES game (despite the auction's claim of "every game ever made"). At the time of writing, the auction has 82 bids and stands at $15,300.

Purchasing 670 games on the Wii's Virtual Console service would amount to $3350, though that would likely be accompanied by years of waiting and a strange desire by Nintendo to release the likes of Casino Kid and Fisher Price: I Can Remember. If you want to empty your lungs into physical NES cartridges (especially 670 of them), you'd best smash open that piggy bank and start bidding.

[Thanks izzyb412.]

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