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X-Play: The Musical ... yeah, you read that right


If there is anything that we've learned over the years: Musicals make everything better! Buffy the Vampire Slayer did it well and so did Scrubs, so why not the last video game review show (worth mentioning) X-play? The show has always been cheeky, like their The Breakfast Club episode and such, so this musical episode isn't really that insane. We're not even going to say it's part of G4's identity crisis. Honestly, this episode might secretly be designed to spite the network and its issues.

The music was written by GameJew (Jonathan Mann) and produced by Brian Golub. The musical episode is the brainchild of Paul Bonnano, a writer on X-Play who obviously misses when the show was still in San Francisco, a place with some redeeming culture, instead of Los Angeles. The episode will premiere Feb. 5 at 8PM on G4, then will subsequently repeat ad infinitum on the network. X-play isn't taking themselves seriously here and neither will we, definitely worth a TiVo just to see Sessler sing.

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