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Breakfast Topic: Azuremyst or Eversong?

Eliah Hecht

By this point, even inveterate Alliance players like me have gotten a chance to check out the Blood Elf areas, and presumably Horde players have looked at Draenei too. There's no question that both Azuremyst Isle and Eversong Woods, as well as their associated next zones, are very well designed. In fact, they may be a little too good: the quests and quest rewards make the old-world starting zones look a little shoddy. I'll be highly tempted to roll Draenei whenever possible for my new characters in the future. (The excellent racials don't hurt, of course.)

How do you think the starting zones stack up, both with respect to each other and as compared to the old-world zones? I have to say, I like Azuremyst a little better than Eversong, but then again, I did play it first, and I do have a bit of an Alliance bias.

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