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Kingston DataTraveler ReadyFlash, ready for ReadyBoost

Ryan Block, @ryan

Anyone who caught our Windows upgrade guide might have caught a glimpse of a new Windows Vista feature Microsoft's quick to tout: ReadyBoost, which allows you to use a USB drive as another layer of performance-boosting cache for Windows. The jury's still out on whether ReadyBoost will actually make a real-world difference (and how ReadyBoost USB devices are any different than regular devices), but Kingston's ready to go with their DataTraveler ReadyFlash, what appears to be a regular 1 or 2GB USB 2.0 drive with a 5/3MBps read/write. No word on price or release yet, but if it goes for much more than what a regular DataTraveler does, forego the new sticker and just buy the vanilla variety -- ReadyBoost is supposed to work with any reasonably speedy USB flash drive.

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