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Samsung prepping R510 for Alltel, U540 for VZW


Samsung is spreading the Ultra love, with its new R510 candybar for Alltel and U540 clamshell for Verizon. Both phones look to be rejiggered versions of phones we've been enjoying on other carriers for a little while now, with the SCH-R510 mirroring the T-Mobile Trace (Ultra 6.9) on specs and size for the most part, while the SCH-U540 is presumably a near (but thinner) relative to Alltel's SCH-U520. Both phones are obviously of the anorexic persuasion, but otherwise we're a bit low on details: Alltel's R510 rocks EV-DO, and most likely a microSD slot, music playback and a 1.3 or 2 megapicxel camera. The U540 will do the A2DP thing, but there's nothing much else going on. No word on when these will be hitting their respective carriers, or for how much.

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