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Teamcyclops busts out Wii modchip nmero dos


If that whole "no comprender" thing with the Wiinja modchip was getting you down, have no fear: Teamcyclops is on the scene, and they're doing up a Wii modchip of their own for the Engrish speakers among us. Apparently the chip will start shipping next week, and will come as a "Quicksolder" mod for easy DIY modding. Features include the ability to play Wii and GameCube backups, GameCube homebrew and imports, built-in audio-fix for compatibility with certain GameCube games, DVD-R and DVD+R support, and optional chip disable wire, "stealth" even when the chip is enabled, and a multi-purpose LED. No word on price, and it's hard to believe this things before we've really seen 'em in action, but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt for the moment.

[Thanks, Ryan]

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