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Today in Joystiq: January 30, 2007

Ross Miller

Here's a picture worth at least 7,752 words. That's the number of people Guinness counted, making it the biggest LAN party recorded in gaming history. Other interesting numbers include 7,788 computers in attendance (those poor, lonely 76 36 computers ...) and 10,000 tickets sold. Wow. Check out the highlights for today:

Joystiq hands-on: NBA Street Homecourt (PS3/Xbox 360)
Readers pick best webcomic: your mom
Today's raddest game video: GTA San Andreas bike stunts

Sega's Yakuza goes from game to movie
PSP downgrader: 3.03 to 1.50 in 8 simple steps
Nintendo's Reggie needs an assistant
Telltale looking for Wii programmer, Sam & Max far behind?
Epic to churn out Gears of War until the Sun explodes
SimCity DS footage to drool over
Windows Vista launches with megaton title
Wii & "Wario Wear" win International Toy Fair award
British cops caught playing PSP on duty
Vista security too tight on casual games, claims WildTangent
PS3 hurts Sony profits, but less than expected
Sony picks party promoters, fashion insiders to aid PS3 UK launch
Buger King 360 promo games spur company's sales
Ritual not done with SIN just yet
Halo 3 for cheap, if you buy now
Xbox Live Arcade takes a break, but Microsoft assures it won't be long
Wii auctions outpacing PS3 on eBay
GameTap forgets half its name, adds music content
Arthur game team shared offices with movie group
SplitFish ready to get Sixaxis a'rumblin
Help mtvU design AIDS Awareness game, win $5,000
Trash talk: Bioshock designer scolds uncultured peers
Pixies frontman Frank Black wails for GRAW 2

Rumors & Speculation
Streamlined PS3 production may facilitate price drop in '07
Rumor: Next-gen N-Gage garners interest
Today the most signifcant day in gaming? Not so much.

Losing Faith in Miss Video Game competition
The future of video games according to 1982
A Wii bit lazy
Trying to buy a 360 from Wal-mart (three strikes, you're out)
Shadow of the Counter-Strike

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