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Today the most signifcant day in gaming? Not so much.

Blake Snow

Remember when good 'ole Peter Moore said last week that today would be the "most significant day in gaming for the next several years" as his company ushered in a more game-specific operating system in Vista? Well today has nearly come and gone, an we're still waiting for a sign. Something. An omen maybe? No, Solitaire doesn't count.

With that, the Associated Press reports on the few number of people who anxiously awaited the arrival of Vista today. From the article: "Consumers can finally get their hands on Microsoft Corp.'s long-delayed Windows Vista, but unlike the mad midnight rushes retailers saw with the recently released video game consoles, stores saw only a trickle of early adopters Tuesday."

Granted, no one -- including Microsoft -- expected console-like lines and mass hysteria for, uh... Windows. After all, most will wait until a new PC purchase or when their employer reluctantly upgrades. But to call this the most significant day of any kind? (Cue chirping crickets.)

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