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Wii & "Wario Wear" win International Toy Fair award


Nintendo has been bestowed the proud honor of a Spielwarenmesse award, selected as the 'Trend + Lifestyle' winner of this year's annual Nuremberg International Toy Fair. Judges chose the Wii console along with "Wario Wear" for the duo's ability to "encourage playing PC games in groups instead of alone." Judges also found that "the product not only appeals to player types with an affinity to PCs, but also to new age groups." Hmmm, we weren't aware that Wii had become popular in the yoga scene... Maybe Nintendo should start bundling the system with a set of crystals.

Winners of a 'ToyAward' are permitted to print the 'ToyInnovation quality label' on retail boxes of winning products. Something tells us Nintendo's gonna pass.

[Via Nintendo-Revolution]

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