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Windows Vista upgrade guide, part 3: will it blend?

Ryan Block, @ryan

Well, we've covered XP and Vista from a software and features angle, and we've helped plot out your upgrade decisions from a hardware standpoint, but now we're turning the upgrade guide over to you: the early adopter. You're already running Vista Ultimate (hell, you've been running the RTM since the day it leaked, er...) and you've gotten acclimated to the ins and outs. So we want to know, will it blend? In other words:

  • Does all your software work like before?
  • Does all your hardware still function perfectly?
  • Is it integrating with your network alright?
  • Did it put up a fuss joining your domain?
  • What kinds of bugs are you seeing?
Let us know how Vista's doing for you; let your fellow Engadget readers gain from your wisdom, be the first on the internets to gripe about early Vista release problems, let it all out.

P.S. -Mac nerds, please stay out of this one -- the Windows nerds have a mission to complete.

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