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AddOn Spotlight :CyCircled

Paul Sherrard

I love finding new addons. Let me tell you how I found CyCircled, my favorite new change to my UI. I was looking through some of the excellent submissions we're receiving for Reader UI of the Week (shameless plug), and was inspired to go looking for an update to my own UI. Somewhere along the way, I came across the All Deuce UI.

Impressed, but slightly overwhelmed by ADUI, I was about to go back to my old setup. There was, however, one feature of ADUI that I really adored from the get-go. ROUND BUTTONS!

I wanted, no I *NEEDED* round buttons. I like consistency in my UI. If I'm going to have a round minimap, and round minimap buttons, then I've got to have round action bar buttons, right?

Not knowing much, I first assumed that the round buttons were just part of Bartender, the action bar replacement in ADUI. I installed Bartender, but was saddened to see the same-old square buttons I've enjoyed with Bongos. I began digging through the list of mods to find out which AddOn was my magic circular button creator, until I saw "CyCircled".

Not remembering that I'd reset my UI and had Bongos back, I added the CyCircled folder to my WoW AddOns folder. I was more than pleasantly surprised to login to my regular UI, except now with ROUNDED BUTTONS!

CyCircled will apply a variety of textures and styles to your buttons: Sprockets, Hex, Squares, Circles, and your choice of glossy or non-glossy. You can also set the surround colors for the button in different states.

Yes, CyCircles is a purely cosmetic AddOn. Sometimes your UI just has to look sexy for when the friends come by, you know?

Anyway, it's actually kind of tough to find info about CyCircled. It's a WoWAce 2 addon, so all the dependencies are built-in. It supports Bartender and Bongos, and likely supports other bar mods (please sound off below if you get it to work with your preferred bar replacement.)

To use CyCircled, type /cycircled or click on the minimap button for the mod, it's dead simple.

Go and grab the latest version here:

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