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Apple showcases 2006 Academy Award nominees

Scott McNulty

Is it awards season again? I feel like I just put my tux into storage. Ah well, someone has to be the arm candy on the red carpet and this humble blogger is up to the challenge. It looks like Apple wants in on some of the red carpet glory as well (how is that for a segue?). They have set up a special section of their website that lists all the Academy Award nominees with links to:

  • The QuickTime trailer of the movie (in HD when available)
  • Music from the movie that is available on the iTS
  • Links to IMDb when neither of the above is available (most notably with the shorts)
Here's your change to get acquainted with the nominated movies before the ceremony. You can also check out the nominated films from 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005.

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