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HTC Athena previewed in pics


If that last round of HTC Athena pics didn't quench your thirst for all things shiny and detachable, you may want to head over to the blog of one Lucretius, who's managed to get his hands on one of the coveted devices and snap shots of every nook and cranny of it. For those that don't have the specs memorized yet, the device itself packs a 5-inch VGA touchscreen, Intel Bulverde PXA270 624 Mhz chipset, integrated GPS receiver, an 8GB hard drive, a 3 megapixel digital camera and, of course, that detachable QWERTY keyboard on display above, among other goodies. While Lucretius doesn't provide a full review of the device, he does mention that it has "impressive" battery life and that the VGA screen is "amazing." Check out a couple more pics of it after the break, the click through for the full spread.

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