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Look out! It's Godzilla!

Steven Bailey

Daddy Joystiq is reporting that Atari is reviving Godzilla for the PSP (among other systems). Godzilla Unleashed is being created by Pipeworks Software who also worked on the previous Godzilla games, so they know a thing or two about the giant lizard. If you haven't played a Godzilla game before, they're basically what you think they'd be, an all out monster fighting game.

Pipeworks is saying that Godzilla Unleashed's single-player will group the monsters from the history of the film series into four factions that will each have their own narrative path. The cities will feature destructable buildings, so that even when you aren't hitting a monster, you're still destroying something.

I think it's great to have a new Godzilla game on PSP, but am I the only one that would love to see a War of the Monsters sequel on PSP?

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