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PQI's U510 flash card gets ritzy for Chinese New Year

Darren Murph

Although PQI's not cramming 16GB onto this rendition of its U510 USB flash card, it is giving the device quite a fancy makeover for the Chinese New Year, as the Limited Fortune Pig Edition Card Drive (seriously) dons red and gold colors in preparation for the celebration. Moreover, the "hairline treated surface," along with the peony at the bottom right corner surrounded by fortune pigs, are reportedly meant to symbolize "prosperity, joy, happiness, sincerity," and all sorts of other good things to kick off the New Year. Interestingly, this isn't the first time a USB flash device has gotten ritzy for the forthcoming occasion, but considering that these aren't actually made of precious metals, we have a good feeling they'll be a bit more manageable on the wallet. Per usual, the cards come with a flat, retractable USB 2.0 cable, carrying bag, and personal file management software, and though we aren't sure just how much these nifty cards will run you, only 1,000 1GB flavors (pictured after the jump) are being produced while just 500 2GB units will see the light of day, so we'd suggest you place your dibs right about now if you're interested.

[Via FarEastGizmos]

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