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Sony exec talks further PS3 price slashing in Japan

Blake Snow

After just two months since its launch, the Associated Press weighs in on PS3 price cuts, specifically further price slashing of the console in Japan. If you'll remember, the country already enjoyed a 20% reduction in price even before Sony launched the PS3 last year on November 11.

From the report: "Although Sony is blaming its faltering profits partly on PlayStation 3 price cuts in Japan, a senior executive said Wednesday that further slashing prices may be in store for the just-launched video game machine."

The senior executive in question, Japanese VP Takao Yuhara, said pricing is among the factors being considered to help the company meet its break-even goal by March 31, 2008 but that "no additional price cut has been decided." And though the article seemingly focuses on price strategies specific to the Japanese market, you gotta believe the company is thinking seriously from a global perspective the way things are going.

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