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The TIANYU B832: don't even think of stealing it

Chris Ziegler

We already knew China's TIANYU was perfectly capable of re-executing a Nokia design, but it turns out the company has at least a couple industrial design folks kicking around in house, too. Then again, we suppose the B832 could be a rip of something and we're just not making the connection yet (in which case, we say "good job, folks"). Whatever -- either way, the glossy black candybar packs a decent punch with a QVGA display, 2 megapixel cam, microSD expansion, and TV out. In the event the B832's 14mm thick form catches the eye of a bandit, it can be programmed to send out a text message once the SIM is swapped (a la Samsung's Hero) and remotely disabled. Of course, you're phone's already gone at that point, so it's a bit of a Pyrrhic victory if you ask us.

[Via Gearfuse]

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