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Thinklabs' iPod-based digital stethoscope


To say we've seen our fair share of iPod accessories would be a mild understatement, but we're pretty sure this one takes some sort of cake. This little Stethoscope Recording Package from Thinklabs bundles a ds32a Digital Stethoscope, 2GB iPod nano and an XtremeMac MicroMemo, for the ultimate in digital stethoscope recording. Sure, Thinklabs' Digital Stethoscope can hook up to anything with a line-in jack, and we know that there are more than a few audio players that carry that line-in functionality without needing an add-on and wouldn't look so terribly hokey (though we're pretty sure none of them can match the MicroMemo's 16-bit fidelity), but we're still pretty well enamored with the juxtaposition. The $495 pricetag isn't as exciting, but that's a small price to pay for 1000 Heartbeats in Your Pocket.

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