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Games for Windows editors not sold on Vista yet

Jared Rea

"Speaking of things that suck ... hey! How about that Windows Vista?"

In the latest Games for Windows: The Official Magazine's podcast (01/31), four of their editors (Editor-In-Chief Jeff Green, Ryan Scott, Darren Gladstone, Shawn Elliot) sound off on whether they'll upgrade to Microsoft's latest operating system and if it's wise for anyone to fork over the $99 to do so.

Despite receiving a free copy, Jeff Green stays adamant in his decision not to upgrade to Windows Vista saying, "I'm afraid it's going to break my machine." While Green goes on to say that he'll wait for the first service pack update, Gladstone already has Vista up and running on his test machine.

When it comes to encouraging others to take the Vista plunge, Gladstone advises folks to hold back the urge and wait until they buy their next computer and for more Direct X10 games to be made available. The duo also harp on the hassle new security measures cause casual and indie games.

News Editor, Shawn Elliot, will be hitting up Green for his free copy and installing it on his back-up machine -- not quite willing to fully commit just yet. Ryan Scott doesn't give his opinion on the matter, but the mixed signals make for an all-around low opinion of Vista in its current state. As Games for Windows, formerly known as Computer Gaming World, remains an independent publication, this wouldn't be the first time editors from an official Ziff Davis outlet haven't wanted the shiniest new toy.

[Update: We checked our calender and yes, it was January.]

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