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PS Store updates starting to roll in like a square wheel

Nick Doerr

The idea behind the subject is that we're getting annoyed at the small-scale of updates for the PlayStation Store -- while welcome, we'd like to see something bigger and better. Like, say, demos of upcoming titles. Giving us ports of classic titles is okay, but getting a demo for Lair or Assassin's Creed would give our friends a reason to gather 'round the TV and screw around. So, what did we get?

Available now is the all-terrain racing title Jet Moto. It's a classic, indeed. Also available for your download pleasure is the multiplayer expansion pack for the fun-filled Blast Factor. The pack allows 4 players to join in cooperative or grudge match multiplayer modes. You can also speed the game up to 150%. The expansion costs three bucks while Jet Moto will set you back six. Enjoy!

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