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Rock the vote with legislative measures in 2007

Jared Rea

Like a certain caffeinated beverage prepared from delicious roasted beans, video game legislation was hot in 2006. Whether it was hidden whoopie in your Grand Theft Auto or ambulance chasers run amok, last year saw more games hitting the halls of congress than ever before.

To make sure you're prepared for this years gauntlet of gaming based initiatives, 2old2play has compiled a short list of measures currently being considered in a few scattered states. Measures range from wanting stricter ratings, all the way to fining a sales clerk up to $100 bucks should they not lecture you about the content of your violent video game. Yikes.

You can help out now by contributing to the list with the measures currently being proposed in your state. Regardless, be a real hardcore gamer and educate yourself on something that matters. The enemy patterns in Ikaruga will be will be there when you're done.

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