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Blue Notes: BC launch vid, contest and move for Europe

Eliah Hecht

A few small items of interest for you all today. First, a documentary video by Blizzard of the BC launch, in both California and Europe. Cop the vid here; it's fun to see the festivities leading up to the new sandbox we're all playing in.

Second, it seems that WoW is turning two in Europe on February 11. There's a lore contest and a wallpaper contest; prizes include Alienware computers and Nvidia video cards. As usual for their European contests, many countries are ineligible, because of their laws as regards lotteries -- it's not that Blizz just hates several random countries in Western Europe, as many forum posters seem to think. Blizzard's got the full details on their page.

Finally, free character moves from one server for European players. I guess they really want to get people off of Warsong. From Thundy:

  • The below migrations will be activated today (Friday February 2nd). They're scheduled to close at the start of the maintenance on Wednesday February 7th. However, again, please note that this may change at any time.

    Warsong to Agamaggan / Bladefist / Burning Blade / Daggerspine / Spinebreaker
Warsong-EU players: just how dramatically overpopulated is your realm, anyway? And which one, if any, are you moving to?

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