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    i-mate's JAQ3 gets the review treatment

    Chris Ziegler

    i-mate was quick to right its wrongs after the... uh, unique looking JAQ dropped at CTIA last year. The TechFaith-sourced JAQ3 (there was no JAQ2) improves on the original Inventec piece by leaps and bounds. And yes, we can say that with confidence despite the fact we've never laid hands on the 3; one need only to put up pictures of the two side by side to make that call. Of course, just because it's better than the JAQ doesn't mean it's good. Mobility Site had the chance to put a JAQ3 through the ol' review gauntlet recently and came away with a generally positive impression of the device; the keyboard is apparently decent, and really, what's not to like about a QWERTY Pocket PC with WiFi anyway? Downsides include a relatively pokey 200MHz core, poor battery life (though nothing BlackJack owners can't relate to, we reckon), and -- yeah, we're starting to nitpick here -- the lack of a mirror next to the camera. With the quadband radio and US availability of unlocked units, this is one review that's actually relevant to Windows Mobile fans, so have a look, k?

    [Via Pocket PC Thoughts]

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