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Intellidrug tooth implant delivers dosages, tinfoil hat sold separately


We've certainly seen our fair share of tools for improving drug delivery 'round here, from the humble talking pill bottle to high-powered jet injectors to the ever-popular drug-toting, blood-swimming robots, but a group of European scientists seem to think there's still room for improvement, recently unveiling their Intellidrug tooth implant device. Technically a "dental prosthesis," the device is designed to find inside two artificial molars (which could cause a problem for those that still have their teeth) and deliver small doses of medication as needed, with the patient absorbing it in the mucous membranes of their cheeks. Of course, there's only so much medicine you can cram into a pair of teeth, with the scientists saying patient's should be able to store enough for a couple of weeks, after which they'll have to check in for a refill and a battery replacement. Most of us are likely still quite a ways off from running down to the neighborhood drug store to get our teeth topped off, however, with clinical testing of the Intellidrug only set to begin later this year.

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