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Konami announces new game for the Wii


Konami has announced a new game for Nintendo's Wii. With the title Dewy's Adventure, the game is being developed by the same team responsible for Konami's other Wii outing Elebits. The game follows Dewy (natch), a cute little droplet of water, as he quests to restore the lush foliage of his forest home. From early looks, the game is to feature a wide range of puzzles in the fashion of Super Monkey Ball.

Using the Wiimote will allows players to control Dewy, however on occasion it will allow them to control the environment. Konami also implied that, like Elebits, the game will feature an environment creation mode, as well as allowing them to craft their own puzzles from scratch. We loved Elebits, so here's to hoping that Dewy can provide an equally fun, if not more fun, time.

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