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United States of Piracy? FreeNation Foundation wants sovereignty

Evan Blass

"We pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of Piracy, and to the torrent files for which it stands, one Nation under grog, barely visible, with free movies and music for aarrrr." Sound crazy? Well this may be the very vow that children of a future island nation recite in unison every morning, if an organization called the FreeNation Foundation achieves its ultimate goal of statehood. Originally established as sort of a political wing for Swedish torrent tracker The Pirate Bay during its brief attempt to purchase the micronation of Sealand, the FNF has branched off to become an independent body bent on founding "a new society based on the ideals of freedom, equality and sustainable growth." Although the Sealand takeover plan quickly went south due to a lack of interest by its current owners and the fact that it is "too small and aesthetically displeasing to support such a goal," the FNF membership's taste for a country to call their own remained. It all sounds very romantic and American Revolution-esque, but what really seems to be going on here is that a group of disaffected netizens want to create their own socialist state wherein laws of intellectual property protection don't apply -- a digital utopia for some, a potential nightmare for others. According to the site Zeropaid, the most likely candidate for purchase at the moment is an island called Ile de Caille off the northern coast of Grenada, whose 400 tropical acres would presumably provide a safe haven for proponents of communal property. To their credit, the founding members of FNF do seem to be concerned with more than just the ability to download "Baby Geniuses 2" without repercussions; in fact, forums have been set up to discuss every aspect of building a real nation-state, from law to politics to economic policies. All well and good, and we're glad that these people have more on their minds than just watching Entourage day in and day out, but it seems that this whole effort is somewhat of a waste of time; after all -- as we saw earlier today -- there's already at least one pirate-friendly country in existence which is quite proud of the fact that its burgeoning IT industry was built on a foundation of bootleg floppies and Windows 95 CD's.

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