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Inilex offers GPS vehicle monitoring via email / SMS

Darren Murph

Apparently, tracking your kid's every footstep with that undercover cellphone you "gave" him / her as a generous birthday present just isn't good enough for some overly protective (or paranoid) guardians, as Inilex's "Kepler Advantage" device gives parents the means to keep watch over any ill-advised joyrides your devious ones may take. The GPS-enabled unit is meant to be stashed covertly within an automobile to track every movement it makes, and if the whip just so happens to break out of the user-set "virtual fence" (or exceed a set speed limit) you'll immediately receive an email or text message alerting you to start crafting an adequate form of punishment for whenever they (hopefully) return. Additionally, the device is being marketed to vehicle fleet managers who seem to have a hard time receiving (and keeping) their stock, and while analysts aren't too sure that the $600 to $1,100 tracker will oust LoJack from its thief-deterring palace in the marketplace, Inilex hopes to do just that. Currently, the outfit has just 5,000 customers, but if it were us worried about unsolicited movements of our vehicles, we'd just install one of the many omnipresent eyes below the rear-view mirror and catch 'em red handed.

[Via SmartMobs]

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