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Path to PSP, PS2 now clear for 'Free Running'


Free Running (the game) has seemingly overcome the obstacles, finding a publisher in Ubisoft and enough mainstream attention to warrant a UK release in mid-March. We first spotted Free Running in June 2005 when then publisher Eidos was showing off some footage of the Core Designs PSP title, which was also being called Parkour Freerun (note: parkour and free running are two distinct disciplines).

Since that time, Core Designs was acquired by Rebellion, which eventually passed Free Running off to Reef Entertainment. Reef, now teamed with Ubisoft, has found an opportunity to finally turn out Free Running, which will also be released on PlayStation 2 (in addition to its original PSP format).

The game release is timed with building commercialization of the 'free running' discipline, whose founder -- and star of the upcoming game -- Sebastien Foucan showed off some moves in the latest Bond flick Casino Royale. Ubisoft is a fitting publisher as both its Prince of Persia series and upcoming title Assassin's Creed feature elements inspired by free running. The publisher has no apparent plans to distribute Free Running outside of the UK.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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