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Runco now shipping world's first THX-certified projectors

Matt Burns

We first peeped these units way back at CEDIA '06 and now are glad to report that Runco is shipping the world's first THX-certified projector lineup. These bank account breaking units are the first 1080p HD product to sport the new THX Certified logo that guarantees that the second mortgage you took out to buy one of these was worth it. The Video Extreme lineup (VX series) includes the VX-22d, VX-44d and VX-55d 3-chip 1080p DLP projectors along the new VX-2000d and VX-6000d single-chip 1080p DLP projectors. This series can be configured and customized to fit any clients/owners needs/wants and start around 11 grand but can easily climb all the way above 110K. It has been awhile that Runco can be considered cutting edge but we are thinking the THX Certified logo will beg to differ now.

[Via Home Toys]

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