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Saturday PSP background explosion

Steven Bailey

TGIS everybody! I'm currently hooked on something other than a video game for once. I'm playing Zombies!!! But I wouldn't let Saturday pass without passing along some backgrounds for your PSP, so I put aside the Zombies!!! for now. This week we have Ratchet, Dracula X and because I'm feeling random, a Kool-Aid Man background.

Backgrounds after the jump...

I'm sure I'm not the only one excited about Dracula X coming to the PSP. If you can't wait to get it on your PSP though, you can get it on there now with this background.

Platformers are one of my favorite genres, but unfortunately it isn't as healthy of a genre as it used to be. Despite that, Ratchet & Clank is one of the few games keeping the genre alive and innovating while it does it. While you wait for the PSP installment, put this official art on your PSP.

I thought it would look funny to have a Kool-Aid Man face on my PSP. I may be the only one to have that thought, but if you have a mental instability like me, you can put this as the background to your PSP.

To put these as your PSP background, you can either save them on your computer and transfer or save them directly to your PSP by visiting When you're viewing the it from your image folder on the PSP, just hit the triangle button to bring up your options and select "Set as Wallpaper".

Fell free to e-mail or replay in the comments any suggestions for backgrounds you may have and enjoy! Click here! If you'd like to see previous background images.

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