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AVS Forum coverage of the Super Bowl

Ben Drawbaugh

Today is the big day, many have ran out and bought their first HDTV in preparation, some are having parties with friends, but not everyone is a big sports fan. Don't let that stop you from enjoying the game, if your a HD geek like us, today is a good day to enjoy 10 hours of HD starting at noon, even the commercials are in HD and then discuss the production quality of all the HD goodness with other HD geeks or you may just want to find a resolve to a technical problem during the big game. While we got the basics covered of how to make sure you are watching the game in HD, some problems may be out of your hand. Either way head over to the AVS Forum threads on the particular show your having problems with to find out if it is a national issue or a problem with your local affiliate. If it is a local issue and only effecting the channel the game is on, don't waste your time calling DirecTV, Dish or even your cable company, your best bet is to call your local affiliate and report your issue -- just look up their number on their website and ask for engineering. In most cases they will be able to help you out.

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