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Cooler Master's GeminII heatsink overlord

Ryan Block, @ryan

While the PC gaming elite are duking it out with NVIDIA over their 8800 GTX Vista driver problems, Cooler Master is looking onward and upward when it comes to pimping your rig. Assuming your box has enough room to withstand what is, in essence, a friggin' enormous finned slab of metal half the size of your motherboard, you may want to check out the forthcoming GeminII mega heatsink. If its sheer weight doesn't snap your motherboard into pieces when mounted, you'll game soundly knowing your AMD X2, Intel Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Extreme is being cooled by two 120mm fans blowing over a few dozen flight-worthy aluminum fins and six copper heat pipes. No price, but you'll drop yet another couple hundred bucks this March for a part you'll undoubtedly have to replace the next time AMD and Intel decide to change up their processor mounts.

[Thanks, Mike]

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