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Sound and Vision crowns Toshiba's HD DVD player Product of the Year

Matt Burns

Don't subscribe to Sound & Vision? Just so you know it won't hurt our feelings as we do. Anyways, they have awarded their Product of the Year crown to Toshiba's first-gen flagship HD DVD player - the HD-XA1. That's right folks, despite the all the delays, slow start-up times, firmware updates, massive footprint and everything else home theater geeks love to point out about the player, it delivers uncompromising HD quality. (PC World agreed and put the little brother HD-A1 at #14 out of their top 100 products of the year) S&V points to the CEDIA expo as one of their references as almost every manufacturer (think projector companies like InFocus and Runco) that didn't have any stake in Blu-ray used HD DVD as their reference player. This HD DVD player delivered everything it promised and we think even the most staunch Blu-ray fanboys can admit to that. Currently S&V does not have their current magazine articles online - go out and spend the $5 bucks for the official source at a local bookstore but Toshiba was kind enough to produce a press release with the info as well. So everyone, raise your glasses to the Toshiba HD-XA1 for bringing us our first taste of what HD movies at home can be.

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