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Toshiba produces two new HD DVRs

Matt Burns

Sure, it maybe hard to find HD DVRs here in the states that are not made by a company with the word letters "T" or "V" in the name, but that isn't the case over in Asia. Oh no. The way we see it is that they have a good amount of choices and don't have to pay a monthly fee to use 'em. Plus, TiVoToGo (or their version of it) probably works over there. Anyways, Toshiba has produced two new high-def capable DVRs for the Japanese market that makes us green with envy. The RD-S600 and RD-S300 lacks HD DVD playback/recording capabilities but do sport a DVD burner, HDMI port, 720p/1080i upcaler, digital tuner, and 600/300 GB hard drives respectively. The big brother, S600, is going to MSRP at 130,000 Yen ($1,075) while the little bro is going to rock out at 100,000 ($827) when they hit Japanese shelves later this month. We highly doubt seeing these stateside anytime soon, if ever, but if the HD gods happen to smile upon us, we'll let you know.

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