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Ziff Davis games division cost too much?


Doesn't look like the potential buyers for Ziff Davis's games group, which includes EGM, Games for Windows and 1UP, are willing to pay the three times revenue price for the group that Ziff Davis wants. Asking for three times revenue, on a division that brings in mid-$20 million, but still breaks even on earnings is, as one source puts it in, "Very, very over-the-top."

Kevin Gifford explores the sale and the Ziff Davis corporation in his latest Magweasel column at GameSetWatch. Avoiding the pitfalls of dumping on how print is a "rapidly diminishing" presence -- going so far as to say he thinks EGM is doing a "very good job at proving why they should exist." -- he comments more on the turn of events at Ziff Davis. A company which profited from enthusiast publications is finding their business eroding by the ultimate enthusiasts publication tool -- the internet.

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