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H9 UMPC runs Linux


So, Vistagami isn't really your thing, and that Pepper Pad line never really caught your eye. Beijing Peace East Technology Development, Inc. is taking another shot your UMPC dollar with its new H9 7-incher. BPETD is calling this one the "world's first" Linux UMPC, and while we assume Pepper might take issue with that statement, there's no denying that this one would look quite at home among a lineup of Origami units. Unfortunately, a Linux OS isn't the only difference between the H9 and its Windows-based counterparts. Under the hood there's a mere 520MHz Intel PXA270 processor, 20GB HDD, 64MB ROM and 128MB of SDRAM, though connectivity is decidedly spiffier, with GPS, WiFi, GPRS / CDMA, PCMCIA and SD card support. The 7-inch touchscreen runs at a respectable 800 x 480, and the usual accouterments of headphone jack, microphone and built-in speakers are included. The OS purports to feature all those snazzy functions you might need from such a handheld, but from the looks of things it isn't incredibly polished. Of course, we have no idea if we'll be even seeing this thing outside its native China anyways, or how much it might cost were it to make it to these shores.

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