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MS asks Asian gamers "WhatsWrongWithU?"


Are you an Asian gamer? Are you completely uninterested in the Xbox 360? Then Microsoft wants to know what's wrong with you. More specifically, Microsoft wants you to visit and tell them why you're uninterested in the Xbox 360. In the interest of journalistic inquiry, we visited the site and took the survey. Upon entering, you're greeted with a question, "What more are you looking for?" We chose the "Great Japanese Games" option, and were then asked to offer an email address and check off what consoles we own and what consoles we plan to buy. Having finished the survey, the site shows off multiple 360 accessories, a PGR3 bundle, and other 360 goodies. After all that, we received an email informing us of all the great Japanese games available for the 360. We're assuming that MS has a stock email for each answer in the survey. In other words, had we chosen "Ability to Play with Friends," we would have received an email detailing the wonders of Xbox Live.

The question is whether or not (perhaps accompanied with a similar PR campaign) can win over Asian gamers. We've chronicled Microsoft's trials in Japan before, but we haven't really touched on its standing in other Asian regions. Can Microsoft gain a foothold in these regions, or will it struggle as it does in Japan?

Are there any Asian gamers out there that would like to comment?

[Thanks, Zeke]

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