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Panasonic's TU-DTX300: a world's first 4 tuner/antenna in-car kit


Panasonic just uveiled the TU-DTX300 in-car tuner, a world's first to pack 4 tuners and 4 antennas for maximizing digital terrestrial television reception while scootin' through Japan. According to Panny, reception along the 12 segments of each channel used to broadcast HDTV is improved by 1.8 times while reception of that 13th segment dedicated to mobile TV -- 1Seg, get it? -- is twice as good. The device switches automatically from terrestrial digital broadcasts to mobile 1Seg reception when the signal deteriorates with the car's increasing speed. The TU-DTX300 works with Panasonic's Strada F class car navigation/entertainment system with support for an EPG and alerts from Japan's EWS (emergency warning system). It measures just 178×130×27-mm (7×5.1×1.1-inches) and costs ¥94,290 (about $780) when this pup hits February 23rd.

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