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Power your PSP with a trio of AAA batteries

Darren Murph

For those of you who just can't get enough playtime with your ever lovin' PlayStation Portable, and have a knack for running low on juice while not even remotely close to an AC outlet or recharging venue, here's a mod that can offer you some battery powered backup for your handheld Sony. Not at all for the faint of heart or the novices in the house, this battery hack joins the incredibly long list of hackerations that we've seen come the PSP's way, and while it takes a bit more effort than just picking up the X2, we're sure the bragging rights alone make it worthwhile. The crafty gurus over at Acidmods have apparently found a way to gut, re-wire, and completely transform your average PSP battery pack into a vessel that can hold a trio of AAA cells in order to power your bantam machine. Admittedly, this ranks pretty far right on the DIY difficulty scale, so we wouldn't recommend risking your life on this one unless you know quite a few tricks of the trade, but if you've nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon than create a battery pack out of a battery pack, the read link is waiting for your attention.

[Via PSPFanboy]

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