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Super Bowl kicks up HDTV sales

Matt Burns

Here's a no-brainer to start your day off with. Super Bowl XLI (41 for all you non-Romans out there) increased HDTV sales. We know it's shocking and all but the real question is how many of the estimated 2.5 million HDTV sold actually enjoyed the game in 1080i? We did our part but it really is up to the salesmen/clerks to inform consumers that just because they are purchasing a HDTV, doesn't mean they are getting HD. According to Business Week, sales of HDTVs were especially concentrated in the Chicago and Indianapolis areas thanks to their Super Bowl contenders. We know it may surprise you that major sports events spur HDTV sales (think World Cup from '06) but someone had to inform the masses. Now that retailers had HDTVs fly off their shelves the last few weeks, we kind of wonder how many of those sets are going to be returned for numerous reasons?

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