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Wii OS gives you that shiny Wii look on your boring PC


What's a Wii fanboy to do without a Wii to call his own? Hack one up himself, of course. Bigjohn8411 found himself in just such a predicament, so he scraped together a "Wii OS" launcher program for his PC just to feel like one of the cool kids. Other than accepting Wiimote input over Bluetooth via GlovePIE, the program is mostly a complete rip of Nintendo's own Wii interface, with Wii sound effects pulled out of YouTube videos, and the interface built from scratch, but referencing the real thing. Of course, that Red Steel button, it does nothing, but most of the rest of the launcher buttons shoot you right into that game's respective emulator. You can also toss in up to four of your own MP3s for background music if you find Nintendo's own to be a bit too sleep inducing. Now the only question is if Nintendo will be launching Chrono Trigger for Virtual Console before it hits this guy with a C&D. Somehow, we doubt it.

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