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AKU3 for Verizon's XV6700 WM5 device 'officially' going to be launched

Brian White

Just when we thought mighty Verizon had given up on official WM5 update support for the XV6700, this comes along in the form of an official email response to one of our readers in a response from UTStarcom, distributor of many things HTC ending in "6700" in relation to WM Smartphones -- "AKU3 will be coming out sometime late March or early April". While that response is quite the vague picture and is by no means filled with detail, we have to give it up to Verizon Wireless who has decided (apparently) to throw some support love up for existing UTStarcom XV6700 owners. You know, the ones who paid more than a few bills for their WM devices in the first place and who are most likely avid wireless data users and decent data revenue subscribers. Verizon, you just scored a point in our book.

[Thanks, Huntley]

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