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Ben Heck explains how to make Wii laptop

Ross Miller

Remember that crazy Wii laptop Engadget commissioned from mod extraordinaire Ben Heckendorn? Well, Ben Heck was kind enough to write up a thorough how-to guide so that we can emulate his work. The third and final part of his instructional guide has been posted onto Engadget so that you can now get out your soldering iron and copies of Hardware Hackery for Dummies and give your Wii a crazy makeover.
  • Part 1 ripped up the console. (O, the humanity!)
  • Part 2 rearranges the parts and designs the case.
  • Part 3 creates the casing and puts it all together.
Hack, mod and enjoy, but be wary: if you screw up, a replacement will be extremely hard to find.

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