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'Fring' it up with mobile Skype and Google Talk

Brian White

Yeah, we know there are tons o' official hacks to get Skype working on the Windows Mobile Symbian front, but there, umm, unofficial and choke many an underpowered Symbian device these days. So, if you're determined to bypass those costly voice minutes from the various mobile carrier networks and want to VoIP it up over that 3G data connection or with that zingy Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone, Fring may be for you. But, don't break out the virtual champagne just yet...Fring assuredly makes its money on a percentage basis from those svelte Skype interconnections it will provide. We're a little sure that Skype has made it officially hard to use its service from a mobile device so that it won't anger the mobile carriers, but Fring does not seem to care (nor should it.) Oh, you get access to Google Talk as well in addition to Skype calls. Bring it on, Fring.

[Thanks to all for the Symbian correction]

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