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Guildwatch: Black Temple or bust

Mike Schramm

After a short hiatus (due to a lack of endgaming on the part of most guilds), our much-loved and much-hated column Guildwatch is back in all its rumor-filled, grats-giving, petty guild drama glory! Here where, every Tuesday, you can see who's winning, who's inviting, and who's cheating.

And don't forget, if you've got a tip on a guild that has drama happening (anonymous tips welcomed), is downing the 25-man stuff already, or is recruiting for Karazhan, let us know at Click the link to read the return of GW!


  • Trios of Exodar-H, a Blood Elf, organized a "protest" against the Blood Elves inclusion in the Horde (he doesn't like the way the Orcs look or the way the Forsaken smell). Even though players on the realm weren't real impressed by this "Champion," the thing actually turned out pretty well.
  • From Neomage on Malfurion: a new battleground, a new exploit.
  • There's a nasty rumor going around that Hazard on Nazgrel is botting-- he's even bragged to others about doing it. Neither Blizzard or his guild has done anything about it yet, and now there's some alternate rumors: that people are just jealous he was one of the first to 70 on the server.
  • Vaeriance on Stormscale-H is giving 80g to one lucky Horde player there. If nothing else, the responses in his thread make for some interesting, greedy reading.
  • Transcended on Blackhand-A dropped High King Maulgar.
  • FedEx on Thunderlord-H finished off Heroic Ramparts.
  • Are you downing stuff in the new endgame? Put your guild here! See below.
  • Vanquish is an endgame guild that doesn't have a server yet-- they're going to be rolling Alliance on the next PvP server (that's right, even though they want to be PvE, they want to play PvP).
  • Ruin on Bonechewer-H is looking for a few good people with Karazhan experience.
  • Ancestral Guardians on Khadgar-H is a "relaxed and social guild" that's recruiting for-- you know-- just hanging out. And stuff.
  • Altus Domini on Shattered Hand-A is recruiting 20s-50s right now to go PvP until 60, at which point they're planning to transition to PvE from 60-70.
  • 2nd Foundation on Lightninghoof-H wants responsible and mature people to form a large guild... that's based on fairness and equality. Good luck with that. No, seriously, I'd love to see it.
  • PitchBlack on Icecrown-A is an Oceanic raid guild-- their raids usually start around 2am server time, so if your primetime is around then, look 'em up.
That's it for this week's Guildwatch. Come back every Tuesday for your weekly fill of drama, downings, and recruiting notices. And if you've got news on your guild (or just some juicy drama tips or server-first downings to report), drop us a quick line at, and we'll appreciate it!

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