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More Secret Rings impressions

Jason Wishnov

Our excitement for Sonic and the Secret Rings grows daily, and these hands-on impression by some folks in London aren't making the wait any easier. The game is looking scary good, as the players (who strongly disliked Sonic the Hedgehog for the PS3 and 360) rave about the graphics, voice acting, control, level design, and difficulty. For the love of God, Sonic moonwalks when you tilt backward on the Wiimote. Moonwalks. That's sweet.

Some tidbits: there isn't a standard "lives" system; if you die, you simply restart at the last checkpoint. Each level contains around twelve missions, and somewhere around six need to be cleared before advancing. Earning bronze, silver, and gold medals will earn you access to a huge catalog of unlockables, including BGM and artwork from the game as well as previous entries in the series.

The impressions are certainly worth a read; check it out!

[via GoNintendo]

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