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Nothing but flowers


Herbalism can be hazardous to your health these days, and not just if you try smoking felweed. (Of course you can smoke felweed -- if you're a troll, that is. They give us special options in the herbalism menu.)

Adept herbalists have discovered that some herbs in Outlands have special properties, including giving you buffs and debuffs when you pick them. Buffs and extra items include:

  • Felweed, which has a chance to give you Fel Blossom, which absorbs 750 to 1250 damage and lasts 15 seconds.
  • Flame Cap, which is a potion in its own right -- it gives you increased fire spell damage by 80 and a chance to strike a ranged or melee target with 40 additional fire damage on weapon hit, but only for one minute.
  • Dreaming Glory, which increases your health regeneration by 30hp/5 for fifteen minutes when you pick it.
  • Mana Thistle, which restores a random amount of mana when picked.

Then there are two herbs which can debuff you. Unfortunately, these are high-level herbs that are required a lot.

  • Nightmare Vine poisons you for 800 shadow damage over 8 seconds.
  • Netherbloom gives you a totally random 15 minute buff or debuff that gives you plus or minus 50 to any stat. It can either be completely crippling or very nice, depending on what it is. Some people are upset about this, but I just keep picking until I get a buff.

(Edited to fix Fel Blossom.)

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