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Rumor: Killzone 2 demo before Halo 3 beta


1UP Editor Luke Smith has posted a bold prediction on his blog: "Expect a playable Killzone 2 demo to be released ... before gamers are participating in the beta for Halo 3." Smith's reasoning descends from a string of rumors, which suggest that Killzone disappeared, in part, to direct the spotlight on Resistance. The rumors also indicate that while on the down-low, Guerilla has transformed its "Halo-killer" from a pre-rendered heartthrob into a developed game; some rumorists even suspect that Killzone has been playable online for nearly a year.

Smith points to Phil Harrison's GDC keynote address as an opportunity for Sony to steal (in typical from-out-of-nowhere fashion) some mindshare away from Microsoft and the mid-March Halo beta test by dropping *GASP* the Killzone 2 bomb demo! Never mind that the Killzone franchise has yet to deliver a noteworthy game; is the first half of 2007 really gonna be defined by a clash between a beta test and purported demo? If I'm a developer not working for Bungie or Guerilla, I'm about ready to hire a new PR agency -- that, or beg Sony to let my game piggyback on the Killzone demo's shoulders.

Update: In response to comments that Killzone: Liberation (PSP) is "very good" or has "gotten great scores all around" (etc...), we simply offer up evidence that the title ranks 56th among current PSP games (233 in all) listed in score order. While we respect the opinions of those who enjoy the game, generally speaking, we maintain that Liberation is hardly noteworthy beyond its tie to the ridiculously over-hyped Killzone franchise.

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