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Sony Ericsson's entry level J110, J120, K200, and K220

Chris Ziegler

It seems Sony Ericsson prefers to use the more pleasant-sounding term "accessible" to describe the most lowly four of the handset barrage it's whipped out ahead of 3GSM, but let's just be straight up and tell it like it is -- these things are cheap. Hey, that's not a bad thing; Europe's number two manufacturer is holding its own on the high end, and we're all about covering every segment of the market. Going in order from left to right, the J110 is the... ahem, most accessible of the four with little more than an anemic 96 x 64 color display to its name. Next up the J120 takes the J110's formula and throws in an FM radio to add an ultra-affordable musicphone (if we dare use the term) to the stable. The K200 ups the display to 128 x 128 and tacks on a VGA cam, while the K220 gets the same FM radio as its cheaper J120 cousin. The J110 and K200 will come in 900 / 1800 and 850 / 1900 flavors for various parts of the globe, while the more expensive models will initially hold to 900 / 1800. Look for all four to hit in the second quarter of the year.

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